I have experienced great services from the entire team. I have always had my feedback on time, on email, via phone it’s always timely. When going to the site, I have always had someone to explain further and show us around. I never worry or stress myself about payment because Epic Properties gave me a payment plan which is flexible and thus I have been able to organize myself on time. The finishing that they have is great and of good quality. I had invested with a certain company and even after paying a lot of money ,the finishing was still so poor. I am actually mesmerized that you are able to complete your projects on time. This is something I have never experienced. That is a good job right there!



The services at Epic are very professional even for a young company. They deal with clients and customers at an individual level and this is quite appealing. Such small things make a big difference in the real estate company. I have other investments but I have never seen a well maintained project like what the Epic Properties have. I was actually shocked when you finished the project on time, I can say you are the only developers I have encountered who are timely in terms of completion. All your projects are of good quality.



Your services are quite unique in that you are direct and offer quick response. Your services are personalized to each customer. I received a Christmas gift which made me feel appreciated and I must say it makes me feel special. You have a great team which helps in the smooth flow of your services to

customers. I can call in any day and I am assisted.

The projects you have are quite affordable. You keep your word about finishing and quality of your projects. Another observation I have made is that you are very transparent, the other day I received a letter explaining on reduction of service charge with a breakdown of it, I mean this is something I have never experienced from my previous investments.